My Writings and More

Articles, writings, and more…

My first “published work” is an article named the “Ten Suggestions” (not the Ten Commandments) for working together in ministry with women.
(Pages 187-190 of the Anthology: A Missional Mosaic: Working Toward a Robust Theology of Women on Mission )

Ten Suggestions-MikeJentes PDF


The following is a resource that I have shared dozens and dozens of times:

Understanding Grief: And Helping Those Experiencing It.  (Stages of Grief, How to Bring Comfort, and Helpful Scripture Passages)



Some other articles and writings that have been helpful:

The Sending Triangle: The relationship between the local church, mission agency and a global worker for maximum impact!  (@Encompass World Partners)   Full Sending Triangle PDF)

Catch the Ten2B Virus (@CMAResources)

Churches and the IRS (@CMAResources)

Important IRS Publications for Churches (@CMAResources)

The Day of Small Beginnings (@CMAResources)

It’s Not Good for Man to Be Alone (@CMAResources)


So I have gotten captured on camera a few times and so here are some of the things I’ve shared:

Go Further Together – Missions Message at Rittman Grace Brethren Church

Want a Meaningful Seat at the Table in Global Missions? A short presentation on the power of mission partnerships and coalitions with Encompass World Partners. 

Sharing about how the name change to “Charis Fellowship” helps Encompass World Partners

Sharing about the Grace Leaders Network 

Sharing a Story about Church Multiplication Associates



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