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Well, I’m bummed I can’t be at the AWESOMEST youth conference in the world — Momentum in the Chicago area.  I went last year, and was really jazzed that they are still centered on Jesus, His Word, equipping and inspiring students to live it out!

This year the them is NOT A FAN (from Kyle Idleman’s book of the same title).  I went to my first one back in 1987… YIKES. This year only my daughter (Kayla) is there from our family and last night she performed an emotional last show with her summer ministry team (Operation Barnabas).

Lots of my favorite people on the planet are running around there. Our Encompass World Partners  crew is shooting pics of people dressed up in global attire … so great!  See the pics here

One of our amazing partner ministries with Encompass, Woven Joy is there selling great stuff–as you can see from the bracelets above! Lots of stuff to check out!

Thankful for the LIVE STREAM of main sessions: https://buildmomentum.org/watch-momentum-sessions-live-from-home/

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