Deleting Mass Quantity Pics Off iPhone (but not all)

iphone camera roll

One of the most annoying things about my iPhone (which I really, really love) is the challenge of deleting a lot of photos (when you have thousands!) without deleting ALL of them.  I’ve searched many different times with NO resolution.

My phone told me again… “Cannot Take Photo” you gotta make room by deleting pictures again today.  So off to Google again.

To my pleasant surprise I found the following help!

How to mass delete camera roll photos in 3 clicks

1. Connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to your Mac;

2. Open the Image Capture;

3. Select the photos you want to delete:

  • Select the individual ones you want (using the customary COMMAND + click)
  • Select a whole continuous group  (using the customary SHIFT + click)
  • or Select all the photos (COMMAND + A)

and click the delete button. [It’s the “red” bottom at the bottom of the Image Capture screen.]

(thanks to this Apple Community Post deep into the thread)

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