UNREACHED People Groups and our rationalization…

Almost every time I speak about unreached people groups, I hear a comment like, “We’ve got plenty of unreached people right here where we live, without worrying about groups halfway across the world.” And that’s true. There are more individuals living within already “reached” people groups, than there are in all the unreached people groups of the world. However, there is one major difference. Most people in the West have great access to the message of Christ through media, local churches, and believers. For 300 million people in the unengaged, unreached people groups of the world, there is no way, outside of divine revelation, to hear the message of Christ. There is no church, no missionary, and not one verse of Scripture translated into their language. How much longer will we wait until we go to these groups, and put them on our priority list for funding and manpower?

pauleshlemanBy Paul Eshelman // Director of Finishing The Task)

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Hear Paul tell the story of when God grabbed his heart for the unreached 


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One Reply to “UNREACHED People Groups and our rationalization…”

  1. Yes! There are many who are unreached and many more still who were once reached and have once again become unreached. Some are considered as reached when they have ample access to the gospel. Others are qualified by a percentage. It used to be that when 4% claimed to be followers of Christ, that people group was considered “reached.”

    I have seen and written about this topic a few times. Excellent short post Mike… I’s love to see how other folks respond.

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