Maintenance Makes A Difference

Yesterday was a good time to spend with Jim and Faye Hocking at Los Altos Grace. To hear more about ICDI was awesome! You can hear Jim’s update on the Los Altos Grace website.

ICDI MaintenanceOne of the key elements for community transformation that has been missing in the Central African Republic is maintenance of the water wells. ICDI has been doing continual maintenance on many of their wells. They have several teams who are constantly on the road caring for this important work.

After ICDI drills or rehabilitates a well, ICDI works with the community to plan and manage each water project. Instead of short-term handouts, ICDI is creating a long-term maintenance program based on trust and a contract with the village.

ICDI Well RepairYou can find out more about this great program at

If you want to go ahead and help, you can sponsor your own well for only $40 a month!  Check this out:

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