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So Periscope…you know about the one is on a submarine, but did you know about this new social media mechanism to live stream from your smartphone? periscope-logo-1920

Periscope is a live stream broadcasting platform connected with Twitter. I actually first used Periscope to attempt to watch the big Manny Pacquiao vs.Mayweather-Pacquiao Floyd Mayweather Jr. fight. I was too cheap to pay a hundred bucks to see the fight. To stay in the loop in real time, I started following the fight on Twitter and saw that some people were using Periscope to “watch” the fight.

I actually downloaded the app, linked it with my Twitter and found a broadcasting stream just in time for the last bell to go in the last round.  I watched the announcer proclaim Mayweather the winner (on someone else’s TV with about 7,000 other people tuning in) …and I realized that this live broadcast stuff had gone from the hands of the TV trucks to everyone with a smartphone!

While tinkering with Periscope, I actually watched some “behind the scenes” stuff of the NBA (announcers who were periscoping at shoot-arounds before games, etc.).  I also tinkered with following a few LA area celebrities like Marcellus Wiley of ESPN Radio (videoing a radio show!) and some local TV anchors as they talked with their fans prior to going on the air (when are they on air?).

A week ago, some ministry leaders and I had a conversation talking about Periscope and how it could be used for ministry.  Not many of us had much experience, but we shared what we knew…and had a conversation about it.  After a few moments of talking about Periscope, it dawned on me that I could actually Periscope our Conversation about Periscope.  So I got my iPhone out and started recording!

Here is the link to my Periscope feed from that:

Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 2.13.50 PM

One of the public figures who has done the most with Periscope is the publisher/author/blogger/platform-maker Michael Hyatt.  He actually did a 30 Day Experiment with ‪#‎Periscope.

After the experiment, he wrote a helpful article on what he learned. Pretty insightful stuff. I appreciated most of all this snippet:

“Think of it this way:

-Blogging is one-dimensional: just words.
-Podcasting is two-dimensional: words plus audio.
-Scoping is three-dimensional: words, audio, and video.

Because of this, people are able to experience more of who I truly am. Why is this important? Because the more authentic we can be, the more impact we can have.”


Not sure what all I’m going to do with Periscope, but I thought I’d share where I’m at currently…

An Introduction to Twitter…How to’s and Why to’s

I’ve been asked by a few people about getting started with Twitter. I’m not an expert, but I play with it (a lot), and I believe it is a significant tool for work/ministry.

Rather than rewrite a bunch of things that other “experts” wrote, I’ll just post a few articles that really helped me by a couple of guys I really respect in this area- @MichaelHyatt & @ScottWilliams

Here’s a Beginners Guide – to just set up Twitter and get you going

How Can Christian Leaders Get Started with Social Media?
This video is actually from a few years back, but is still relevant in talking about the how’s & why’s…


@ScottWilliams giving his Top 10 Ways Twitter Can Make a Difference


What about my organization or ministry? @ScottWilliams gives some practical how to’s:


On promoting a book or project/event, this post by @MichaelHyatt is learning from a Jedi


How to get ReTweeted…great stuff from @ScottWilliams on your content becoming more viral by being shared!


Those articles & ideas have been VERY helpful to me. If this has been helpful to you, give me a tweet, or retweet @MikeJentes !

Kicking This Off

MikeJentes.comSo I finally got the confirmation I needed today to get this thing rolling. I was listening to @djchuang and he mentioned the “shelf-life” of a tweet is about 2 hours. And it really isn’t much longer for a Facebook post – about 23 hours. That’s not very long!

(Speaking of DJ Chuang, he has some helpful stuff on his website about social media. )

I’ve done a lot of Facebook-ing and Tweeting, but hopefully this blog/website can be a resource with a lot longer shelf life!



Report from Organic/Simple/House Church in UK & Ireland

In 2011 Mission Britain sent out a survey to people involved in simple/organic/house/missional churches in the UK and Ireland. We wanted to see where things were at and what is happening on the ground through these forms of Churches. We have examined the statistics and put together a Report which you can download for free. Please feel free to pass this report onto people who you feel might be interested.

 Simple Church

Over recent years the Church of Jesus Christ in the UK and Ireland has been in rapid decline and retreat. Church attendance figures have decreased dramatically leaving dwindling congregations and empty church buildings. It is now common to see old ‘Church buildings’ transformed into carpet warehouses, MOT garages or Sikh temples.

At the same time, over the past 40 years or so (a biblical generation), the work of the enemy has increased rapidly through the introduction of lawless ‘Laws’, and the eroding of Biblical values in the main spheres of society including family life, education, government, economics, media and arts. Our society is becoming increasingly hostile to ‘Christianity’. Visible signs of this are seen through media articles concerning the banning of Bibles in hospitals and B+B’s and the removing of crosses and ‘Christian symbols’ in public spaces.

Vast swathes of people are also leaving the ‘institutional church’ (whether they be traditional or more ‘modern’ churches)…

>>Click here to download and read the rest of the report:

Simple/Organic/House/Missional Church in the UK and Ireland (2011 PDF)

The report was carried out by Mission Britain and Ireland

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Where is Church Conceived?

Audio Files for Free

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