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Catch the Ten2B Virus (@CMAResources)
Churches and the IRS (@CMAResources)
Important IRS Publications for Churches (@CMAResources)
The Day of Small Beginnings (@CMAResources)
It’s Not Good for Man to Be Alone (@CMAResources)

Being the Church Together (@LosAtlosGrace Newsletter)
First Century Communion (@LosAltosGrace Newsletter)
From Me To You (@LosAltosGrace Newsletter)

UnderstandingGrief-MikeJentesUnderstanding Grief: And Helping Those Experiencing It.  (Stages of Grief, How to Bring Comfort, Helpful Scripture Passages)




Fishers of Men with Nets (@LosAltosGrace)

InvitationsOfJesusThe Invitations of Jesus (@LosAltosGrace) 

Wisdom from King Solomon (@LosAltosGrace)

Disciple Making & Updates in Mission (@ Norwalk Grace Brethren Church, Norwalk, CA)  { Powerpoint }

The Gospel of Grace: from Jesus to Paul to the Galatians to Us (@LosAltosGrace)  {Powerpoint}

Challenge From Chad (@LosAltosGrace)

Resolving Conflict (@LosAltosGrace)

Reflecting Acts 1:8 @LosAltosGrace

A Retelling of The Road to Emmaus Story from Luke 24 (Easter 2013 @LosAltosGrace)

Our God Can Make the Sun Stand Still (@LosAltosGrace)

Worship in the Crucible of Life- Interview with Erin Vidovich & Pete Anderson (@LosAltosGrace)

Worship, Thanks & Posture- Teaching during the Worship Series (@LosAltosGrace)

Gideon & the 300- Message (@LosAltosGrace)

The Resurrection is the Second Part of the Gospel- Message (@LosAltosGrace)

Top Ten Shocking Statements of Jesus from Matthew: Part 1-  Message (@LosAltosGrace)

Top Ten Shocking Statements of Jesus from Matthew: Part 2-  Message (@LosAltosGrace)

This Kingdom is Upside-Down- Message (@LosAltosGrace)

Organic Leadership ConferenceOrganic Church Nuts & Bolts: Greenhouse Story 1 Session 5 by Mike & Mindi Jentes and Scott Wilson.  Interacting around the practical questions people always have about organic church- worship, money, kids and more. As a workshop track of the Organic Leadership Conference 2009  Length: 2 hours 7 minutes.  (Originally recorded onto 2 CDs & sold for $12. In the middle of the workshop a brief amount was not recorded.)
Get it at



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