Do you feel alone in your journey?

Have you reached a barrier and don’t know how to push through?
Would you like help from someone who understands the issues?
Would you like to start a house, organic church but don’t know where to begin?

Coaching helps you on the unique path and journey that is:

  • Simple: listen to God and obey what He says
  • Organic: God initiated, sustained and empowered
  • Tangible: put steps in place to get to where God is guiding you.
Sometimes we need help to unlock and ignite the purposes and goals within us.  A person who motivates us by listening, helping us to clarify and reach our goals, and acting as one “who comes alongside” to cheer us on. Someone who can help us overcome the obstacles we encounter on the journey and navigate through new territory.
I’ve served as a coach to many, and would love to help you. My role with Church Multiplication Associates / CMA Resources built many great opportunities to help leaders and churches. I’m a certified coach for New Start Churches / Organic Churches with New Church Specialties and they have a 100% satisfaction guarantee!
If you are interested in finding out more about coaching, drop me an email or book an appointment for a 1/2 hour conversation.

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