Ta & Kevin imitating Ben & Kir

Yes this really happened…

Seal Beach at evening


Food fight at Camp

Yes they really gave them food & let them throw it at each other.

Kevin up front & Kor boyz

Kevin was wrapped up as a present to God & Kor with his buddies.

Kayla loves the camera

Can u tell?

Fishing at camp

Catching some bass & bluegill. Katja caught 3 & Korey had the catch of the day and a total of 12!

Friendly spider at camp

Yep a tarantula…crazy Cali creatures.

Ta & Kevin with Olympic awards

Winners in several events…

Kor & Kayla

Some snaps of two…

At Green Oak Ranch with Los Altos Grace

Here are some pics from the first 24 hours here at camp!

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