So as I prepared to be greeted by social media friends (and real ones too) for my birthday on Monday, September Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 12.30.12 AM28th, I wanted to let everyone know my birthday wish…

…To Bring Clean Water to 26 people in Uganda!

As you may know, I’ve been training since the spring of this year to run the Long Beach Half Marathon with some friends from @LosAltosGrace Church and Team World Vision. Race day is coming up on October 11th.  I’ve done pretty well at the training and I think I’ll be in fine shape to complete the run.

One of our other goals in running is to seek to raise support for clean water in Africa. I haven’t worked as hard at that as I have my training.  So, I’d love to have you help me finish this off!

For my birthday would you consider giving the gift of clean water? Only $50 gives clean water to one person in Uganda!  You can read my story about why Uganda … and you can go to my support page, give a little (or a lot) and help me have a great birthday!

By midnight on my birthday, I’d love to be able to know that 26 more people will have clean water!

So no gifts for me, give it all for the kids in Uganda to have future birthdays with clean water!