Fishers of Men…with Nets!

The Gospel of Mark tells us about Jesus, but it goes far beyond that in showing us what it is to be a disciple of Jesus!

One of the eye-opening things that we miss about Jesus’ calling of the disciples is that He called them to follow him in “team.” In both occasions in Mark 1, Jesus calls a pair of brothers to follow Him.  So the calling of discipleship is to a new “family” and as a team!

Beyond that, Jesus’ calls them to be “fishers of men” as His disciple. Their perspective of fishing was totally different than ours. Immediately our thoughts go to a fishing pole that “I” use to go fishing.  These first disciples thought immediately of fishing with NETS…together!

One of the things we took time to do on Sunday was ask the question:

Who can you invite to be fishing with you…as a team?

So who did/can you invite to fish with you?

Would you today start a conversation about a plan for how we can reach out to others TOGETHER?

Listen to the message online here >>

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