Understanding Grief

Today, I did a heart wrenching funeral service. In preparation and in ministering to the family over the last week or so, I shared a booklet I wrote on Understanding Grief.  This outlines stages of grief, how to help those experiencing it (from the Book of Job) and also Bible Verses for Truth and Comfort.

In getting things together for today’s service, I realized I haven’t posted this helpful resource yet.  So, to remedy that, I’ve now posted it here. See below for a teaser…


Understanding Grief by Mike Jentes (PDF)


Two young children were trying to know how to cope with the death of their grandma. In the midst of the turmoil, the parents were trying to know how to care for their children. On the day of the funeral the whole family stood in front of the casket. Many preparations had been made with the children. Knowing they would be curious, the parents instructed them that they could touch her hands if they wanted, but grandma’s skin would be cold. The children’s mother was transported to another time when her mom cared for skinned knees, dinner preparations and broken hearts. Interrupting the memories, the four year old whispered, “Is she breathing?” The parents hadn’t anticipated this question. It certainly required more that a simple “No.” This business of explaining death became very difficult. Finally the mother said, “Well. . .” and nothing more would come. The oldest child then turned from his study of the casket and faced his sibling, “No, she’s not breathing. Remember? The breathin’ part’s in heaven.”…   …Read the Rest>>

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