Understanding Grief

Today, I did a heart wrenching funeral service. In preparation and in ministering to the family over the last week or so, I shared a booklet I wrote on Understanding Grief.  This outlines stages of grief, how to help those experiencing it (from the Book of Job) and also Bible Verses for Truth and Comfort.

In getting things together for today’s service, I realized I haven’t posted this helpful resource yet.  So, to remedy that, I’ve now posted it here. See below for a teaser…


Understanding Grief by Mike Jentes (PDF)


Two young children were trying to know how to cope with the death of their grandma. In the midst of the turmoil, the parents were trying to know how to care for their children. On the day of the funeral the whole family stood in front of the casket. Many preparations had been made with the children. Knowing they would be curious, the parents instructed them that they could touch her hands if they wanted, but grandma’s skin would be cold. The children’s mother was transported to another time when her mom cared for skinned knees, dinner preparations and broken hearts. Interrupting the memories, the four year old whispered, “Is she breathing?” The parents hadn’t anticipated this question. It certainly required more that a simple “No.” This business of explaining death became very difficult. Finally the mother said, “Well. . .” and nothing more would come. The oldest child then turned from his study of the casket and faced his sibling, “No, she’s not breathing. Remember? The breathin’ part’s in heaven.”…   …Read the Rest>>

How do you Leverage Events for Maximum Learning?

A catalytic leader that I have had the privilege of getting to know over the last few years is Steve Moore*. He put together this helpful video and process to help learners leverage events for maximum learning.  I really appreciate this video and process. I curated his content…and gave you a tool below outlining his process.  Don’t skip the video though…it’s worth your time!

Posted at: http://missionexus.org/leveraging-events-for-maximum-learning-archive/

A blog post on Fast Company’s web site shared about a group of young entrepreneurs who filled a large Silicon Valley auditorium to hear a speech by Mark Zuckerberg. He shared his perspective on the future of Internet business along with lessons he has learned on the journey so far.

It is no surprise the room was full of twenty-somethings eager to hear what the Facebook founder had to say. According to eyewitness accounts of the meeting, two older, legendary Silicon Valley investors seated in the front row stood out. But not for the reason you might think. It wasn’t their silver hair that made them look out of place. It was the fact they were the only people in the room taking notes.

The two most successful people in the room, whose names are synonymous with money and power in Silicon Valley, were the only ones taking notes. Maybe that explains why they are successful?…


Here are the process questions Steve outlines:

Pre Event Questions:

1) What is the Best Resource I could recommend to others and why did I find it helpful?

2) What is the most important ______________ I need to process?

3) What questions will help me best engage with others for learning?

During Event Questions:

1) What Learning choices do I need to make tomorrow?

2) Have I spent 5 minutes with the schedule to plan my time effectively?

3) Where is the networking space? How will I use it?

4) What is the most effective way to harvest the information? How will you capture learning?

5) Who do I need to seek out during this event?

Immediately After Event Questions:

1) What is the most important idea to consider?

2) Most important relationship to pursue?

3) Most important conversation I need to have?

4) Most important decision I need to make?

5) Most important action I need to take?

Free Tool >> Download a Word Doc  or  PDF of these questions


SteveMoore*As executive director of Missio Nexus, Steve Moore put together many leadership resources which have been helpful to me. This year Steve transitioned into a new role with NexLeader…and you should check that stuff out too! Find Steve on Twitter

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