New Worship Album from Sara Lindsay


So excited and proud of my friend, Sara Lindsay ( or Mrs. Dolmage as some call her) to release her new album TODAY!  I’ve got mine…and you gotta get yours!!!


Where Your Heart Goes

Title : Where Your Heart Goes
Artist: Sara Lindsay
Release Date : December 10, 2014
Format : CD or iTunes

Engaging the Unengaged and Finishing The Task

FinishingTheTask2014For eight years now, a growing network of mission leaders, agencies and churches have been drawing attention to those least-reached people groups who have no known churches, pastors or mission workers. The missiological title for these people groups are “unengaged”—meaning no one is engaging them for the sake of the Gospel. The Finishing the Task network has purposed to count down to ZERO people groups who have no workers engaging them.

Encompass World Partners has been participating over the years and contributing to taking people groups off the list as we send workers to engaging these “unengaged” people groups! The annual working meeting for Finishing The Task was attended this week by our own Ed Trenner and Mike Jentes at Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, CA.

Last year, Encompass mobilized students at Momentum and Grace College to pray for these people groups through the 533 Challenge. Mike-praying533It was exciting to see answered prayer this year as we were able to contribute one more people group taken off the list through the Encompass family! Over the course of the working meeting more than 70 people groups were taken off as we count down to zero!

Finishing The Task logoFinishing The Task is coordinated by long time Cru and Jesus Film Project leader Paul Eshleman(pictured). We encourage you and your church to check out their website and resources as you seek to reach the least reached for the sake of the Gospel.

Children Refuse To Deny Jesus in Iraq

Below is the testimony of Cannon Andrew White on what continues to take place in Iraq with the displaced Christian communities. Remember these communities in prayer.

Thanks to my friend John Lambert who shared this information.

If you want to get involved in helping the displaced Iraqi’s, check out 


If you would like to connect with an emerging coalition to help, please contact me or Ted Rondeau

Also, you might learn from this video done by Encompass World Partners about Iraq.

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