Exploratory Meeting about English Learning as a Ministry Opportunity @LosAltosGrace

For several months, Phil Helfer, myself and several others have been dialoguing on the possibility of using English Learning/ESL as a cross-cultural ministry opportunity for Los Altos Grace Brethren Church and more broadly for Long Beach as well.  We had an exploratory meeting on March 25 with some folks from Los Altos Grace, Seal Beach Grace, Cecil O’Dell and Kathy from CSULB!

I’ve placed some resources from our time together here:

Notes I took from our gathering (Open/Download/Print PDF)

Worksheet created by the beloved Jay Bell that was distributed. (Online Here PDF) [via Encompass World Partners]

Audio Recording of most of our meeting together captured by Cecil O’Dell (Thanks Cecil!)


(55 minutes 22 seconds  26MB [Right click the link and Select “Download as” to save])


Next Meeting – April 24th @ 7pm at Los Altos Grace

If you are interested in getting involved, drop me an email mjentes@LAGBC.org

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