Proud of our Church Family

LAGBCLogo300x300pxJust thinking about the actual activities of this weekend, I’m really proud to be part of this church family.  Here’s 3 things that prompt this short post puffed with pride:

  1. AngelTree: a great initiative to gift presents to children whose parent is in prison.  We get to participate in the name of Jesus and in the name of their parent!  This year we blessed more than a dozen children!
  2. College / Young Adult class: Our Sunday morning meeting in the upper room was lead by Matt Vidovich.  He challenged us to put feet to our faith. He brought a gift card and “put it on the altar” for us to take and deliver to someone who we could bless by it. We got up and left the classroom to hit the streets.  We drove and prayed and asked God to show us someone to bless. With in minutes Jesus led us to a gas station and drew our attention to a man with significant challenges– in a wheelchair and very unkempt.  We jumped out of the car and introduced ourselves and gave him the gift card and prayed for Bruce.
  3. Choir – His Love is Reaching: the title of our choir’s performance for this Christmas season is “His Love is Reaching.” That is a perfect description of these prior 2 points!

I’m proud of our @LosAltosGrace Church family!!!

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