“Do Not Call it Church Growth Anymore” – Donald McGavarn

The founder and most influential leader of the church growth movement in the twentieth century was the late Dr. Donald McGavran. Jim Montgomery recalled the following incident as McGavaran was in the last stages of his time on earth:

“During the last months of Mary McGavran’s illness, my wife Lyn would frequently spend time with her. Donald McGavran would be there, too. He would disregard his own painful cancer while taking care of his beloved Mary.

“You can be sure Jim and I will continue our commitment to church growth after you are gone.” Lyn said to Donald one day.

‘Do not call it church growth anymore,’ was his quick response. ‘Call it church multiplication!’

Two weeks before his death, he said, ‘The only way we will get the job of the Great Commission done is to plant a church in every community in the world.’

Quoted in The Church in the House by Bob Fitts, page 55.


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