Aslan is On the Move

One of the sayings/metaphors that has stuck with me in all my years walking in the organic church movement is “Aslan is on the move.” (I heard it first from the lips of “the one and only” Richard Rossi.)

This obviously refers to our mighty Lord from C.S. Lewis’ Narnia series…and to how Jesus is still on the move in the places we are! Many of us are planted in Long Beach and LA County and seeking to hear, see and testify to how the Lord is on the move in our city and beyond.

I sense a call to invite the organic churches in our city and county together for a time of prayer and sharing. Please invite those in your churches and others who would be interested in having this time together. The agenda is our Lord’s! It has been pressed upon my heart to put out the invitation and get faithful people into the same room to see what the Lord is doing, and what He wants. We have gathered monthly since September and the Lord seems to be bearing fruit from our prayers, relationships and time together.

Our friends at MCTV Church ( who now are in the longtime CMA office at 1965 E. 21st Street in Signal Hill) have opened the space to have a time for our people and churches to gather on SUNDAY November 11 from 6-8pm.
We will have some coffee and dessert type foods. Feel free to bring something if you can and want to.
There is a Facebook Event posted online for folks who connect that way and please share this post with the links below. below!
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