A Leader Who Finishes Well

The Making of A LeaderIn his outstanding work “The Making of A Leader,” J. Robert Clinton studied the lives of hundreds of leaders and asked the question- “What makes a leaders finish his/her life well?” We use the answers to this question in our Organic Greenhouse Story 2 Training to push our leaders to have a long-view of finishing well. These were what Clinton found to be the top 5 commonalities:

A Leader who Finishes Well:

1) has a perspective that focuses his/her energies on ministry strengths.

2) maintains a learning posture throughout all his/her life.

3) enjoys repeated times of personal/spiritual renewal.

4) mentors others while continuing to be mentored.

5) disciplines her or his own spiritual formation.

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One Reply to “A Leader Who Finishes Well”

  1. Wow! those are amazing tips on a leader who finishes first. I totally agree with you that the upright leader should maintain and upright posture and should always endure and persist the hard times. There are so many challenges that a leader faces. A book addressing some of the difficulties is something that we all yearn for.

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