The Authority of the Bible

Our Topic…what is the actual authority of the Bible.
Verses to Consider:     John 10:35; Revelation 22:18-19; Matthew 5:17-18; 1 Corinthians 14:37
Key Questions:
  • How high in the pecking order is the Scripture?
  • I’m responsible to know the Scriptures (interpret it myself), so does it still have authority over me?
  • How does church history/tradition relate to the Scripture?
  • Is the Bible sufficient for what God wants us to know?
  • How does the Bible relate to science
Divine Truth:
            What are some old beliefs that I need to lay aside and new beliefs I need to adopt:
            What are some old behaviors I need to lay aside and new behaviors I need to adopt:
Nurturing Relationships:
    How does this truth affect relationships…
                        …with my spouse (if appropriate):
                        …with my child/parent:
                        …with my employer/employee:
                        …with my friends:
                        …with my brother/sister:
                        …with those in authority:
Apostolic Mission:    
     How does this truth help me in overcoming the enemy’s schemes?
     How does this truth help me in pursuing the mission I have in God’s kingdom?
Take Home:
    The Scripture is superior to me
            The Scripture has a claim on my life
            Its authority leads us to a right relationship with God
            Have a learning, submitting, growing, awe-filled approach to the Scriptures
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