Session 1 Worksheet — Revelation

Revelation defined.       These are two kinds of revelation- Specific and General Revelation
Verses: Psalm 19:1-2; Romans 1:20, Hebrews 1:1-3
Key Questions:
           How has God revealed himself to us?
           How do we know He has? 
           What means does He reveal himself to us today?
           Why would God communicate with us?
           What can you know about God and His expectations of man from General Revelation
Divine Truth:
            What are some old beliefs that I need to lay aside and new beliefs I need to adopt:
            What are some old behaviors I need to lay aside and new behaviors I need to adopt:

Nurturing Relationships:
    How does this truth affect relationships…
                        …with my spouse (if appropriate):
                        …with my child/parent:
                        …with my employer/employee:
                        …with my friends:
                        …with my brother/sister:
                        …with those in authority:
Apostolic Mission:    
     How does this truth help me in overcoming the enemy’s schemes?
     How does this truth help me in pursuing the mission I have in God’s kingdom?

One Thing I Will Do This Week:

Take Home:
1. Means by which God reveals Himself
2. A sense that God wants to be known by you

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