The City and Unreached Peoples by Harvie Conn

The City and Unreached Peoples
by Harvie M. Conn

The following was a presentation by the late Harvie Conn at Urbana missions conference in 1987:

What is a city? For a North American white, a city is a melting pot. For a suburbanite it’s a ghetto. For my next-door neighbor in inner-city Philadelphia, a city is “One large collection of nothings.”

Now all these definitions are wrong, and they’re all wrong for the same reason. Yuppie, suburbanite or black, most people can’t see anything in the city except mathematical urban units of one. They’re like the pastor I met once in our ministry in Korea. At a moment of truth he confided in me, “I have a very hard time telling all Americans apart. You look so alike.” I think that’s how we all see cities.

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It is a two part article>>>

The City and Unreached Peoples Part 1: Here

The City and Unreached Peoples Part 2: Here

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