LIFE BOX Project a Success

In partnership with the Powell Grace Brethren Church we provided a LIFEBOX for every student at the Second Avenue Elementary School–. It’s our goal to share “stuff for life”–learning, healthy and fun stuff and the stuff of LIFE in Jesus.

It was awesome to watch kids go crazy opening their boxes. Enjoy the pics and the precious thank you notes below.

it was a blur

more happy faces

fast and furious

happy LIFE BOX openers!

tearing the LIFE BOX open


A thank you letter

Terrence’s letter

the Translation:

Dear The Quest Church,

Thank you for making us boxs and thank you for all the hard work that your church did. Thank you for custom making our boxs. I appreciate how much time you spent on our boxs. Thank you for all the stuff you got me. Thank you for getting our school those boxes and thank you for getting me the buckeye colored gloves.

Thank you,

A thank you letter

Shanique’s thank you click on it to see it

Here’s the translation:

Dr. Mr. Mike,

Thank You for that pink purse with my lotion in it. how did you no that Pink is my favorite color. Hey, maybe I can make you sumthing speshol (special). I wish you can be my dad can you do that next year


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