09.23.05 thequest UPdate

thequest family,

I read a story this week and wanted to pass it on to you. This is the story of Hank…a guy I know and have prayed for. A guy that is connected with our family of churches in California. I knew the story, but when you get to read it…it is just powerful.

“A couple of us guys get together at Starbucks every week. We read some chapters out of the Bible during the week. Then on Fridays we get together to hold each other accountable for what is going on in our lives and to pray for our friends. We call it a Life Transformation Group. Would you like to join us?” Doug asked Hank.So began the transformation in Hank’s life. Each week, the three of them would devour whole books of the Bible. Over coffee they would confess areas of their lives in which they struggled, and pray for their non-Christian friends. And things started happening.The first was devastating. Hank’s wife of more than 20 years left and then divorced him. It was a tough time. At this point, Hank chose to throw himself even more vigorously into what the Lord was doing in his life, and he began growing spiritually like wildfire…. ” Read the rest here *

Press on,

*From An Army of Ordinary People by Felicity Dale.

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