Where was I?

I know I’ve been gone a while…and some of you probably don’t believe I’m up to any good. You think I’m sleeping, or on the beach…

Well, someone took a picture of me in the act of working…well we call it working. I was the grunt guy for a Dunk Tank. It was well over 100 degrees though…and 3 hours in the blistering sun…it was work. You can check the pictures out here

Good News Assembly –July 17

On Sunday we had a blast eating, talking and centering on the Good News of Jesus. take a peek at the pics below!

dave, larry, dave, james, laurie


syl & josh



zach, victoria, christina

dave & andy

richard jordan leading


A Strawberry Vision Picture

a healthy strawberry plant in the Jentes garden June 3, 2005

Some runners branching out

another strawberry plant sending out “runners” June 3, 2005

See a strawberry plant doesn’t reproduce through the actual strawberries it produces. It starts more plants by sending out “runners” (those string like growths going to the right on the picture).

Now a month later…July 4, 2005

bearing some fruit on July 4

a strawberry on July 4

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