Looking outside my house for the last couple of weeks, there are all kinds of these little maple seeds covering our front yard/garden. Hundreds and hundreds of these little seeds have descended upon us.

Unfortunately for my neighbors, the way God designed these little seeds is that as they fall from the tree, they take flight. They twist like a helicopter blade and the wind can carry them far from the tree.

In fact, that’s what I remember calling them as a kid–“helicopters.” Our whole street is littered with these seeds. Neighbors several doors down have these little guys in their yards as well.

When you get a large mature tree, these seeds can go a long way. Our tree is huge, so it’s easy to see how these helicopters can get carried far away from the tree.

What a great illustration of what we celebrated on Sunday night as we assembled folks from our network of house churches. During the last section of the night, we took time to pray for those who have been apart of our community and now are sprinkled around the globe.

It was amazing to see the list of people that we are connected with relationally around the globe. You can check out the list HERE (PDF). If you are on it, you got prayed for on Sunday night! (I apologize ahead of time if you aren’t on the list and feel like you should be. Anytime you do a list you leave people out…so I’m sure this is no exception!)

We see ourselves having a GlobaLocal mission. Certainly God has given us a mission for our neighborhoods and urban Columbus. At the same time, we understand that God moves people (See Acts 17:26-27). Just like those helicopter seeds are carried by the wind, we know that people are carried to new places by the Spirit.

We have been privileged to know and invest in such wonderful people who are now all over the place. We pray that disciples will be made by these and that local expressions of the church will grow up in those new places.

God’s creation grows and reproduces…so should His Church. We rejoice in the opportunity to serve the King and the Body. We are glad He is sowing us all over the world!

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