In keeping our eyes on Jesus, we are looking intently at the life of Jesus as it relates to prayer.

Prayer was central to every aspect of Christ’s life and ministry. In my study of Christ’s life, I find over 45 sections of Scripture and 30 different instances in which you see prayer taught and modeled in Christ’s forty plus months of ministry on earth.

Prayer was such a significant part of Christ’s life that the only time you see His disciples say “teach us…” was when they said, “Lord, teach us to pray” (Luke 11:1). Even the slow learning disciples recognized the uniqueness and strength of Christ’s life was based upon His walk with His heavenly Father in prayer. They did not say “teach us to do miracles…heal the sick…or raise the dead.” They saw the source of power in Christ’s life and said “teach us to pray.”*

That should draw you in…

* FOUNDATIONAL PRIORITIES—Excerpt: Prayerful Dependence by Dann Spader , Son Life Ministries © 1995,1996. Third Edition; page 3.

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