I got the following email this week:


You might be interested to know that 3 people at Millwood Chapel (Etna Green, IN) completed the Proverbs 8x in 8 weeks challenge. I reminded them every week what week we were on and yesterday I announced that the end had come, and for all who had finished to report to me.

Additionally, we had several people who initially started the challenge, so they read through several times and I even had one guy say that after reading Proverbs through a few times he switched over to Hebrews. So my people are reading the Word. One of the fellas who finished Proverbs is a guy who, quite honestly, I did not think stood a chance. Wow! Was I wrong! Thanks for the challenge.

Mark Perry

What an encouragement! I hope your were pushed forward. Ineed to know if you finished the challenge as well. I have a gift for each person who finished it. Just let me know and I’ll get you your reward!

One last thing, I had the opportunity to fast with a group of folks from thequest yesterday. That was the first time I have fasted in a while. It was a good day for focusing prayer on the birth of our new house church at Ohio State. It also was used by the Lord to challenged me to fast and pray more often.

The Lenten season is a great time to fast. Saints have done it for centuries. I’m gonna do another day this coming week.

Maybe you never have done it, I’d encourage you to pursue it. You can talk to me about it or here is a little website that could help you with the details of it. 7 Basic Steps to Successful Fasting & Prayer I’d encourage a day-long fast to start and then see what God wants you to do next.

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