On Sunday night, Mindi’s cousin and I were walking down to Donatos to pick up some pizza for supper together with him, his wife and their baby. As we were walking a group of four teenagers crossed our path and they jumped us. They physically punched both of us. Just a facial cut and black eye for me and a sore jaw for him. No other damage really…except the intimidation factor.

As I was processing through the event, I believe that it was a scare tactic of the enemy. We were talking about seeing the world holistically…spiritual and physical together. I saw it manifest on Sunday night. No matter what the rationale of that group of kids was, I believe that it was a spiritual attack as well. The evil one and his band see me and our community as a threat. We are the enemy.

I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that you have been attacked in ways also over the last two days. It could be apathy, your pet sin issue or something even physical like mine.

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