Totzke Prayer Communique


Sent: Tuesday, July 22, 2003 7:32 AM

Dear Praying Friends,

We’ve been in Prague for almost seven weeks now. It’s

hard to believe that the time has gone so fast. The teams

have kept us busy and we’ve had little time to catch our

breath between teams. The second team arrived at the place

where we are staying on Saturday, July 12 before the first

team left for the airport.

Besides doing the hosting activities, our role with each

team is different. On the first team we led the literature

distribution team of seven people delivering the Jesus film

brochure to mailboxes in communities surrounding Prague.

We’d board the bus at the metro station and travel 20-30

minutes to our destination. We distributed brochures for two

days in Pruhonice and four days in Ricany. We distributed

about 3700 brochures with the first team. When the

recipients opened their mailboxes and saw the brochures,

they had the opportunity to order the Jesus film for free.

Their responses go to the Campus Crusade for Christ office

in Prague and then are forwarded to George and Cindy Swain,

our hosts and the full time missionaries here. Last week we

were encouraged that already four people from Pruhonice and

18 from Ricany have requested the film. More people will

respond – maybe even months later, so we are still praying

for the people of these communities.

The second team is seven members and we are helping them

teach in the English camp – Larry in the beginners class

and Sylvia in the intermediate class. The ages of the

students in each class range from very young to retirees. We

had very little contact with the Czech students in the first

English camp, so we are enjoying this opportunity to

interact with them. Some of the intermediate and advanced

students attended the first camp as well, so they knew who

we were and now we can talk to them more. We had a very

good talk today after church with Petr, a student from the

first camp. He is going through a difficult divorce and had

not been permitted to see his two children for over 15

months. Today he told us that he will get to see them next

weekend, and he credited our prayers for that. Petr is

moving closer to God, and we are encouraged that he may

become more involved in the house church that meets at the


Thanks for praying for Sylvia’s sister Linda. The update

is that she is feeling better. She still has fluid in her

stomach, and the doctors can’t figure out why it’s

there. The pain has lessened and she is driving her Miata

again. She too credits the prayers of many people in the

States and here in Prague for helping her through this

difficult time of recovery from emergency surgery.

After this second team leaves next Saturday, July 26, we

will have one week “off” before the third team arrives.

They will only be here one week, and, since there are only

eight of them, we will also help them with teaching English.

This has been an excellent experience for us in many ways,

and we are grateful for your prayers and financial support

that have helped make it possible. We continue to pray for

you. Please join us in continuing to pray for the growth of

the Church throughout the Czech Republic.

In His love,

Larry and Sylvia

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