Totzke Prayer Communique

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Sent: Monday, June 09, 2003 12:05 PM

Dear Friends,

As of today, we’re not sure what email address will work when we’re in Prague. Larry has tried to use wideopenwest and also this aol address that we got when we got our laptop (you know, 6 free months of aol but you can’t use the current account you have). Neither one of them has been successful yet but he’s still working on it from his end. He does have email access through the Swain account and a Czech cell phone Randall Wood from Dublin Baptist Church lent us. We’ll keep you posted on the email access.

I’m in Seattle and will leave tomorrow. My sister Lin is still in the hospital. Her intestines have started to wake up but not to the extent that she can come home. Our mom is here now and will take over for me. Today they hope to put her on liquids. She hadn’t had even a drink of water until yesterday. It’s been a good time for us to be together although I wish it weren’t under these circumstances, although God is teaching us a great deal about the many facets that love is. For that I’m eternally thankful. Thank you for praying for me about how good a caregiver I will be to my sister. She’s says I’m a good caregiver, but that won’t make me rush off to nursing school.

To read more about Larry’s trip to Prague, you can go to the quest blog at It was an adventure!

I wanted to send this out today to make sure that I have all of your addresses correct before I take off tomorrow. God bless you all.

Sylvia and Larry

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