The Father is a “Seeker”

I had an amazing meditation time today thinking about this:

But the time is coming and is already here when true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and in truth. The Father is looking for anyone who will worship him that way. NLT John 4:23

I have read this a gazillion times, but the truth of that last sentence astounded me…the Father is looking for worshippers. WOW. He is the “seeker” of people who will bow their life down toward Him. He is the one on the Go, on the Lookout, the aggressor in nudging people toward worshipping Him.

What an amazing God we serve…one who created us and one who comes after us even when we have built walls between ourself and Him. May we worship–bow our life down towards Him–that way…the way He wants, the way he seeks!

Totzke Prayer Communique


Sent: Tuesday, June 17, 2003 12:46 PM

Dear Praying Friends,

Ahoj! That’s the informal Czech greeting for hello and

goodbye. Just think of the Beatles song, “You say hello

and I say goodbye.” It’s all ahoj to the Czechs.

Sylvia got here last Wednesday trouble free. It took a bus

ride and two metro changes to get to our pension where we

stay that is owned and operated by a Czech widow named

Yarka. She is very helpful and speaks English. The pension

has a beautiful garden with many varieties of shrubs and

flowers. That’s where we eat breakfast and just relax

after the day is over. All of the team members will stay in

this pension when they arrive beginning in a few weeks. It

will be very convenient for us to be involved with them

because of this arrangement.

We are settled into a routine that we will have until the

teams arrive. After breakfast at the pension we walk the

mile to George and Cindy Swain’s home for a morning

meeting. At that time we do some administrative stuff, pray,

learn some Czech words and phrases, and plan the ministry

activity of the day. Last Friday we went with George to

Beroun, a village that is a 30 minute train ride southwest

of Prague where we distributed 700 Jesus film flyers. George

states that within the first two weeks of a flyer

distribution, they get a 2.5% return which is higher than

the normal return for a similar distributions. George has

10,000 flyers to distribute, so we’ll be busy seeing the

countryside surrounding Prague distributing these flyers all

the while praying for the recipients’ response. The

Ashland team will be helping with this project when they

come, too. Yesterday, Monday, we went to a village a short

bus ride away and visited people who responded to the flyer

awhile ago, got the Jesus film and viewed it. One woman was

a young mother who was interested in Bible studies; another

older couple was very hospitable and invited us back for

another visit but didn’t have any interest in spiritual

things. They do know some of the Czech people in the work

here, so that it an opening.

We’ve been learning our way around Prague. On Saturday we

were on our own and found our way to the castle, old town

and many other attractions. It’s an easy city to navigate

since it’s quite compact and visitor friendly. You can

hear many languages spoken wherever you go. We still have

lots more downtown time in the future so that we can become

comfortable knowing where the important things are located

– bank, post office, restaurants, major sightseeing

venues. We do walk a lot and when we go to bed at night,

we’re tired.

Thanks for your partnership with us and thanks for praying

for Sylvia’s sister Lin. She went home from the hospital

on Thursday and is feeling stronger each day. After having

only an IV drip for almost 10 days, she’s being careful as

to what she decides to eat. She has four cats and has found

that bending over to feed them and then to change their

litter pans is something that she won’t be able to do for

a awhile. She wants to thank all of you for praying for her

while she was in the hospital. Please continue to pray for

her full recovery.

Larry and Sylvia

Totzkes In Prague

Date: 6/12/2003 2:03:48 PM Eastern Daylight Time



Lin got home from the hospital last night and wants to thank

everyone for praying for her. Every day she feels a bit

better. Thanks for praying!


Sylvia from Airport in Germany

I got this email from Syl and wanted to post it here…

Date: 6/11/2003 3:29:38 AM Eastern Daylight Time

From: TotzkesinPrague

Mike and Mindi,

I called your house yesterday to give you a phone number. I was happy and hopeful when I found out that Stratton was doing child care while you were at the hospital. I hope that there is a new little Jentes for us to thank God for. If not, we’ll still keep praying that there will be an early release from the womb.

I’m in the Frankfurt airport waiting for my flight to Prague. I’m checking my email and it’s interesting navigating the German version of AOL. The screens look similar, but it sure was hard getting to the email screen. Oh well, time I have.

I talked to my sister yesterday and she’s improving. They took the intravenous thing out of her so now she can experiment with what to eat. It’s been 10 days since she had anything but an IV drip to sustain her. She’s hungry! That’s a good thing. They still aren’t talking about discharging her, but I hope that I’ll be able to talk with her today when I get to Prague and hear more good news of her recovery.

I pray that all is well with you. God bless you both and all the little Jenteses whether they be three or four in number.

Love ya,


Totzke Prayer Communique

From: []

Sent: Monday, June 09, 2003 12:05 PM

Dear Friends,

As of today, we’re not sure what email address will work when we’re in Prague. Larry has tried to use wideopenwest and also this aol address that we got when we got our laptop (you know, 6 free months of aol but you can’t use the current account you have). Neither one of them has been successful yet but he’s still working on it from his end. He does have email access through the Swain account and a Czech cell phone Randall Wood from Dublin Baptist Church lent us. We’ll keep you posted on the email access.

I’m in Seattle and will leave tomorrow. My sister Lin is still in the hospital. Her intestines have started to wake up but not to the extent that she can come home. Our mom is here now and will take over for me. Today they hope to put her on liquids. She hadn’t had even a drink of water until yesterday. It’s been a good time for us to be together although I wish it weren’t under these circumstances, although God is teaching us a great deal about the many facets that love is. For that I’m eternally thankful. Thank you for praying for me about how good a caregiver I will be to my sister. She’s says I’m a good caregiver, but that won’t make me rush off to nursing school.

To read more about Larry’s trip to Prague, you can go to the quest blog at It was an adventure!

I wanted to send this out today to make sure that I have all of your addresses correct before I take off tomorrow. God bless you all.

Sylvia and Larry

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